Exhausted, beaten and covered in deep cuts and bruises, Dee fell on her knees. Things didn’t go quite as they were planned… Luna refused to listen, she attacked her, and Dee was finally down on her knees.
Strength seemed to fade from her at an alarming rate, soon preventing her from even getting back on her feet. She wasn’t ready for this… She wasn’t ready to fight Maddy…
Before she could breathe a plea, Luna’s glowing moonblade thrust toward her, impaling Dee’s small and shivering form in the blink of an eye.
Gong straight through Dee’s heart, the enchanted weapon pierced the only real vulnerable spot Dee had. Few people knew that, to kill an alicorn, it takes another alicorn’s powers and a blow to the heart…
“It’s over, Nightmare Moon! You’ll never have me, or this world!” said the night ruler with a sharp, icy tone that was perfectly explicating all the hatred she felt toward her former evil self… But Dee wasn’t Nightmare Moon, at least not this world’s version… And in killing her, Luna had doomed both this world and Maddy to eternal suffering…
The visions would become true, the chaos would come… No hope left, no warmth…
Reflexively, as all life was vanishing from her form, Dee’s hand clumsily took a shaky hold on the Moonblade’s hilt protruding from her chest, as if she was going to try to remove it… But she hadn’t enough strength anymore…
Every dying beat of her heart was more life drained by the dimly glowing weapon. Finally, she looked up to the moon goddess, proudly standing in front of her. 
“But… Who will save Maddy???” she managed to whisper, before the true darkness took her, and she fell completely lifeless on the floor of the royal bedroom…


Exhausted, beaten and covered in deep cuts and bruises, Dee fell on her knees. Things didn’t go quite as they were planned… Luna refused to listen, she attacked her, and Dee was finally down on her knees.

Strength seemed to fade from her at an alarming rate, soon preventing her from even getting back on her feet. She wasn’t ready for this… She wasn’t ready to fight Maddy…

Before she could breathe a plea, Luna’s glowing moonblade thrust toward her, impaling Dee’s small and shivering form in the blink of an eye.

Gong straight through Dee’s heart, the enchanted weapon pierced the only real vulnerable spot Dee had. Few people knew that, to kill an alicorn, it takes another alicorn’s powers and a blow to the heart…

“It’s over, Nightmare Moon! You’ll never have me, or this world!” said the night ruler with a sharp, icy tone that was perfectly explicating all the hatred she felt toward her former evil self… But Dee wasn’t Nightmare Moon, at least not this world’s version… And in killing her, Luna had doomed both this world and Maddy to eternal suffering…

The visions would become true, the chaos would come… No hope left, no warmth…

Reflexively, as all life was vanishing from her form, Dee’s hand clumsily took a shaky hold on the Moonblade’s hilt protruding from her chest, as if she was going to try to remove it… But she hadn’t enough strength anymore…

Every dying beat of her heart was more life drained by the dimly glowing weapon. Finally, she looked up to the moon goddess, proudly standing in front of her.

“But… Who will save Maddy???” she managed to whisper, before the true darkness took her, and she fell completely lifeless on the floor of the royal bedroom…


One last night, before dawn
A queen that rules over my mind…
Don’t fear, honey… I’ll be back, I promise…

One last night, before dawn

A queen that rules over my mind…

Don’t fear, honey… I’ll be back, I promise…

Walking rift: *he watched her all the time thinking always thinking so very slowly* “It is okay, I simply did not wish to hurt you and your loved one. from what I understand Chaos’s influence might be causing your emotions to be a little overloaded.” *he speaks as he rolls back onto his stomach* “it is okay I am not angry….. I kinda liked it…” *he tried to hide his face in embarrassment* “I guess I should say I can’t die….. as long as this land lives at least”

Slowly, she regained her usual composure. The vulnerable, scared little filly was gone, and the proud, playful and strong Deceptive was back. He had seen her weak enough, she needed to get a hold on herself. When she turned back to face him, she noticed that he was still naked… And pretty lively too. When he caught her gaze looking straight at that new arousal between his legs, he felt hotness come to his face and quickly rolled on his belly to hide the fact that he would’ve agreed with being “held against his will” for a little while.

When her embarrassment came back to manageable levels, Dee moved toward him, bringing a hand on his cheek. The hard and warm feeling of his husk brought some more calm to her inner turmoil. A faint wind, coming from nowhere, made his leafy mane wave like a young tree, soothing her sore soul and letting her know everything was fine.

Rift was getting calmer since the Deceptive he knew was back. When nothing but the memory of their moment together could testify of his attraction, he sat again on the floor, letting his body relax while he was reshaping his messy green mane.  He caught Dee’s hand with his. She wasn’t trembling, and he could feel that, despite all of her harsh moments and struggles, she’ll fondly remember of him, and this memory would help keeping her safe and sound.

And she secretly hoped that she’ll have a place in his mind too…

Sorrow exited her heart, replaced by calm and hope. Sometimes, she wondered if those moments were just lies told by her mind, or if better days were achievable…

After letting her small hand stroke his cheek, she removed it gently, pressing it for a second on his chest, where the heart was. No matter what would happen, if this heart could keep beating, this land would always find a way to a better ending…

“I’d like to stay longer so we could… Discuss this, but tonight I have a special appointment I can’t miss…”

She hesitated to tell him what it as about, but in a way, she wanted to trust him. If he really was the beating heart of the land, who better than him could understand what she was about to do?

“I need to see this world’s Princess Luna, I… I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop my sister alone… I hope she’ll listen… If she only sees the demon within me… I-I won’t…”

She was losing ground to fear once again, but before she started sinking, Rift held her in a tender, soothing embrace. Strangely enough, she felt her worries and fears escape from her heart, every beat cleaning her mind was the plant pony was curing her from those emotions. She returned him his hug, making sure that he knew that if he needed support, he would always have a helping hand here.

“Thank you Rift… Sometimes, all it takes to succeed is a supporting soul.”

A peck on the cheek later, she looked at him with a tender and warming gaze.

She slowly went back on her feet, letting Rift take his time to recover and rest. After a few hours, the house seemed normal again, nopony could ever suspect that something happened. When the moon started to rise high in the now dark sky, Dee went to the door. Before going, she turned to face Rift one last time before taking off to see the night mare of this place.

“I’ll see you when I come back… Night is falling, I shouldn’t keep my other self waiting…”

Opening the door, she smiled at him.

“Please be safe! And take as much time as you need to rest.”

Rift smiled at her too, waved her goodbye, and looked as she rose in the cold air of the night, even more impressive than when it was day. When her silhouette was nothing more than a dot in the night, he closed the door, and without a single noise, he slid on the couch, ready to get some rightful rest…

His mind then wandered between deep sleep and some dreams where he pictured Deceptive and him were resuming their more pleasant than painful situation. When the dream would fade, he’d notice that even if it was a simple dream, it still brought some kind of reaction in his body. He wasn’t familiar with this, he needed time to gather his thoughts and decide of his next move… In the mean time, it wouldn’t hurt anyone to rest and dream.

One of those dreams was going to bring him further than expected when he was suddenly waken up by firm knocks on the door. The sudden loud sound made him fall off the couch on the now cold floor. Three more knocks, louder than before.

Who could knock at such an advanced hour? Night was still young, it couldn’t be Dee… If it was, either everything went smoothly, or everything just stopped…

He slightly opened the door, and barely managed to not take a step backward. A hooded silhouette was standing in front of him. He braced himself in case he had to defend himself. He wasn’t sure of his strength, but he was far from harmless!

“I’m looking for DeceptiveSun.” Said the stranger. From his tone, Rift understood that it was a mare. She was a bit taller than Dee, not as tall as a full grown stallion, but still. Rift didn’t say a word, looking at the intruder with a menacing gaze. What could she want to this house’s owner?

“I’d like her to have something… A letter she needs to read.” Said the stranger.

This was becoming more and more frightening, why didn’t she send it by the usual mail way? Why did she need to bring it herself? Rift was getting himself ready to strike, when a hand stopped him.

“No need for a fight, mister. Not now at least…” The hand that stopped him then went back to the hooded mare’s waist, searching for something… She handed it to Rift a few seconds later. This looked like a regular letter, in a regular envelope… What could be written inside?

He touched the envelope, and he quickly took it away. For a second, something passed between the hooded mare and him. A stream of scorching heat, something that was burning his hand to ashes, every second he was holding this connection, the further he was devoured by a raging fire that threatened to consume him within moments. He removed his hand quickly, holding the burnt stump only to witness that it was perfectly unharmed. Every finger was there, even his husk was untouched. No harm happened to him… But, the pain… The fire…

When he looked back where the stranger was, nopony stood. She was gone, like a ghost returning to its ethereal lair.

He returned to the relative safety of the house, waiting for Dee to come back… With good news he hoped.

He licks her fingers as it passed his face, he looks at her with his blue eyes glistening from her beauty. he then slowly strokes her butt hard as his snout touched her trembling marehood. he continues to nuzzle his nose against her clit and finally cryo starts licking the wetness of her dripping cunt. he could not get enough of the taste as he continues to lick the outside area, his tongue then slowly enters her marehood, the long tongue slowly went inside and started to explore deep in her.

The moment he touched her felt like a jolt of electricity, straight to her brain. He let his head rest against her chest, snout first. When he touched the skin beneath her breasts, right above her belly button, she grabbed his head, pressing her white fingers against his cheeks. Without a word, she explored his face while he was exploring her chest. He moved slightly up and down, planting kisses here and there on her thin skin, while her fingers stroke passionately the hard cheeks and neck, outlining him like a blind person trying to see with her body.

During his kissing session, he kept his hands busy, stroking her breasts, cupping them, teasing the erupting tip, stroking the lower part… It all felt like one of her kinkiest dreams. He then moved to her armpits, where the skin was even thinner. She tried to keep her arms up to touch him, but when he touched that place, she couldn’t help but having her arms trapping his hands to keep him there.

But, then, she relaxed, letting him free again, ready to take on the next level of their game.

He then slowly, very slowly, went downward. The trail of his warm mouth was leading him to her core, slowly and gently, as if he was still afraid to scare her or hurt her. Soon he was out of her reach, and her now empty hands couldn’t do anything but grab the bed sheets when he started worshipping her legs. She was very sensitive in this part of her body. While most mares she heard talking about it were fond of breast of head massage, she was keener on having her waist and legs taken care of.

The cruel changeling knew it, for he was now teasing her flesh mercilessly. Up and down he was going, from the toes of her feet to her waist, where the legs were meeting the pelvis. Her toes tightened, trying to stop the waves of lust she was feeding her, barely letting her catching her breath.

A grin appeared on his face, he knew he was making her feel better than she could ever believe possible, and having her at his complete mercy was turning him even wilder.

“You do enjoy making me feel bared and powerless, don’t you?” she said, the blush on her cheeks and her shaky voice betraying how much she wanted him to keep going.

Which he did. His expert hands held her left foot in place while he kissed and licked it as much as he could.

Maddy trembled, her body waving like a ship in the storm while he let his tongue explore every toe, her sole and up to her ankle. Before long, Maddy noticed that, out of sheer lust, she had her legs spread and her sensitiveness burning hot. The faint stream of desire exiting it went to Cryo’s nostrils, begging him to come closer.

With exaggerated slowness and care, he, lowered Maddy’s now wet foot so it could rest on the mattress, and in the mean time, he spread her legs a bit more, so he could have all access to her dripping wetness.

She saw him lower his head between her legs, and her world exploded. Her head hit the sheets with so much strength that it bounced back a bit. She tried to close her legs, due to the sheer bliss that was ordering her to shrink as much as possible, but to no avail. Among the hazy mist blurring her vision, she saw Cryo’s hands holding her legs firmly in place, not even letting them close a bit whils he was attacking her soft spot. Frantically, she started caressing herself. She could reach him, so she had to keep her hands busy or she would turn insane. Cupping her own chest, she rubbed the mounds of flesh to increase her desire even more. The erected tip turned into clay for her fingers, she twisted them, stroke, pushed them, almost to the point of hurting herself.

A strand of her black mane slid to land on her mouth. At this moment, with her messy hair, her shivering body and a truly wonderful changeling giving her the worship of a lifetime, she never looked more beautiful.

His tongue, playfully licking up and down, left and right, was becoming bolder and bolder with every lick. He brought himself closer and closer to her entrance, making her desperately wanting.

“Please! Stop the teasing, lick me inside!” she commanded.

Happily obliging her alicorn mate, he shoved his tongue deep inside her tunnel, making her back arch almost painfully as the sudden assault made her climax. Tensed to the extreme, she felt her toes and fingers curl, her mouth opening agape and she felt her throat letting out a louder than loud moan of ecstasy.

When the tension eased a bit, she looked at him, defying the large smile he was displaying.

“What-was-that-for?” She barely managed to say. “I don’t want to… to come that quickly! Please take it slowly…”

Her shallow breath made her hazed, so she landed back on the bed, letting the changeling between her legs warm her up again.

Now that he was in, he wasn’t coming out, for sure! Beginning by a simple waving move, he let his mate’s intimacy getting used to it before escalating. The faint move of his tongue inside her was enough to turn Maddy on once again, bringing her back at the beginning of this road she always enjoyed hiking, especially with him…

Her breath started again, letting moans of lust happening. They were barely audible, but Cryo was knowing for sure that Maddy was enjoying that kind of slow start. She looked at him, and he looked at her. Her widen pupils, her bedroom eyes, and her open mouth, letting out deep breathes of arousal were more than enough to remind him that he was doing a wonderful job.

Despite his instinct commanding him to look back at her pussy and eat her out, he managed to keep eye contact with her. Every time her chest was lift by one of her deep breath, she witnessed a spark happening in her eyes, and while she was breathing out the hot, lust-filled air, he felt tension leaving her body, only to be replaced by the warmth he was giving her.

Sitting as much as she could, Maddy kept her eyes focused on Cryo’s eyes, where she could see a distinct glistening reflection. He was enjoying it too, she could swear. Among the wet, perverted sounds she was making, sheheard his own moans and sighs of love.

Their eyes still locked, Maddy smiled between two primal moans.

“You do enjoy teasing me, right? Having me naked isn’t enough, you need to make me feel defenseless…”

Her horn glowed faintly, a bright yellow aura surrounding it.

“I’ll make sure you feel like this too…”

The magical aura poured down her chest like fresh water, ran on the messy bed, stroking her spread legs in the process, then coursing on Cryo’s head, down his spine… He shivered in worry and arousal. Was she going to-?

He didn’t have to wait any longer to know, the aura had soon covered the entire length of his throbbing flesh. It made his belly constrict a bit, and he might’ve stopped for a second, but he knew what was happening next… And he was going to enjoy it.

Still on his knees next to the bed, he resumed licking Maddy, this time going a bit faster with each passing moment. Responding to the raging lust she was experiencing, Maddy made her spell’s speed match his. The aura tightened in waves around his shaft, creating a strong sucking effect on the rock-hard member.

Soon, their harsh breathes would match, speeding up with their respective moves. Every time Cryo licked faster, Maddy’s spell would pick up the pace. That was truly as odd as it could be. If things were heading that way, she’d come sitting on her bed, while he’d do so while on his knees. But odd to most was now meaning hot to her.

Dangerously walking on the edge, she looked at him, her eyes shooting sheer lust. She knew he was close too, for he could barely manage to keep up with her. Time to ascend.

“Bring me to climax, Cryo!” She shouted

He gladfully agreed. Licking her quickly while her right hand was busy trasing her nerve bud, she climb in a second the few steps to climax. Before losing all control, she rubbed him as hard as she could, feeling it throb and shake as he was going to come.

Together, they felt their backs arch as climax took hold. Maddy screamed in bliss as every single bit of pleasure he gave her exploded into a tremendous firework, her hands gripping the sheet like crazy, her legs locking Cryo in place while he was coming hard too.

The trembling changeling, while having his head pressed in Maddy’s folds, couldn’t hold back his own orgasm. His shaft shot burst after burst of his thick seed, rippling waves of warmth crashing in his loins. Pulsating and expelling his need, he screamed too in one of his most powerful climaxes. It had been begging for release, and now he was having it all. It landed all around him, even on his torso, creating glistening dots on his otherwise black skin.

They took a moment to catch their breath, their heads a total mess. Maddy thought to herself : “I really enjoy being with him… Why do I have to discover it only now…”

Looking at him when her vision was stable again, she asked in a sigh:

“How about a big finish?”

Nayomi's form rippled and the black and blue of nightmare moon was replaced by the pure white fur of Celestia. Her mane bright pink. Just to be a tease she increased the size of her beasts and member. She climbed on Dee placing her slightly larger

cock on her stomach “did you want this Celestia? Or your real sister?” She asked rubbing her side up and down sensually.

Her sister ? When the words exited Nayomi’s lips, Dee was caught in a flashback. In a second, her sister was in front of her, looking almost through her with her piercing yellow gaze. But where Dee was used to feel cold spite and burning anger, there was nothing but tenderness now. Where Maddy’s eyes once drained life of the one she was looking at, now she felt soothed, almost healed by the tender light radiating from the white alicorn’s gaze.

The snake-eyed mare shook her head, a deep crimson coming to her cheeks. What was she thinking about? Her own sister! And no matter how improbable the fact that they could one day feel comfortable with one another may be, this felt still unhealthy… And truly appealing.

She remembered quite clearly something that happened before all this, when her sister’s amne became black, but when her heart was still filled with care for her subjects… and her sister.

Dee was in her bath, letting hot water rush on her hairs, to her face, to her still flat chest, and ending in the bath itself. They stopped taking bathes together when Maddy’s body changed from child-like to adolescent.  That was when she stopped being close to her, hiding her body every night. The once lively and filled with laughter bathroom became silent and empty. Much to Deceptive’s sorrow… Had she done anything wrong? What could she do to bring them back together? The water kept running, bringing Dee farther and farther in the realms of wonderings and possibilities.

Three faint knocks on the door brought her back to the land of living, her eyes turning to the door, only a few meters away but looking beyond reach due to the warm mist that had invaded the room.

“Who’s there? I’m bathi-

Sis… It’s me…”

Her heart skipped a beat. That voice… She didn’t heard it in what felt like eons. This wasn’t the canterlot voice she started abusing when addressing their subjects, it was her usual, deep and calm voice Dee and lots of other people missed.

“What’s wrong, my sister?

Can I… Come in?”

The young night princess felt a shiver down her spine, that hadn’t happened in monthes, even years! Through her surprise, she managed to stutter: “Y-Yes of course! C-Come in!”

The door handle rotated, and the wooden piece gave way to a sight that could’ve sent Dee upside down if she wasn’t sitting in the bath.

Her sister, her beautiful sibling, was standing in front of her wearing a simple bathrobe, the same one she used to wear when they were both kids. Of course, since she grew up quite much, it looked awkwardly small on her, baring her legs and arms, leaving only her chest and waist to imagination.

“P-please don’t stare… I’m quite embarrassed…” said the taller mare, her ash-black mane hiding one of her eyes while the other one was drifting away from Dee, not in fear or disgust, but in shame. Was she ashamed of her own body? What could be so unsettling that she felt the need to hide it from everyone’s sight, including her sister’s?

Dee turned her head to give her sibling more space to get at ease. She then heard the sound of a soft fabric sliding against skin. Did she-?

Her eyes were brought back to her sis. She didn’t want to cause her shame, but she wanted to see her. When her eyes caught the sight she was waiting for, a breath died in her lungs.

“Can I join you?”

Her arms crossed in front of her chest, Maddy’s body was almost fully bared, streams of mist rubbing and caressing her every forms. The shape of her erupting breasts, the widening waist, the long, slender legs were teasing previews of what the in-between princess would turn into. There was nothing to be ashamed of, lacking stronger words, Dee breathed a single one: “Beautiful…”


She realized that she said it out loud, quickly pressing her hands on her mouth as the red on her cheeks deepened. It was her turn to be embarrassed.

“I-I didn’t want to embarrass you, I-I-“

Before she could end her sentence, Maddy had entered the big, warm bath, letting the soothing water ease the tensions she was feeling. She let out a sigh of delight, much to her sister’s growing arousal…

Brought back to reality, Dee looked at the Celestia-shaped Nayomi, and, while rubbing the shaft she was exhibiting, bringing it slowly back to full hardness, she said with surprising confidence.

“Please make my sister!”

Nayomi smiled, Dee was a bit more perverse than she first thought. The constant rubbing she was getting on her changeling rod was making her limbs hard to keep control of, but she had more in store.

“But, before it ends, I’d like to see your true face! I don’t want to give my climax to anyone but you, Nayomi!”

Before Dee was done speaking, Nayomi had already started changing, while her skin remained white, the rainbow-like, floating mane turned black, falling like a cascade on her shoulders, a single strand of yellow disturbing the ebony mane. Her eyes, shut second ago, had turned yellow, bringing warmth and desire to Dee’s brain. The small, nubile mare’s breath became shallow and rough, both from mild fear and growing excitement. Before she knew, her sister was in front of her, towering over her with her still teen body, but undeniable beauty. Dee had only the throbbing shaft that was rubbing against her belly to remember that the one she was facing was Nayomi.

Bracing herself, she reopened her legs, giving way to her changeling sweetheart. Her legs started to feel limp, due to the shaking that was taking over her.

“I want you.” No mistake, only desire.

He thought long and hard even though he has no memory of her she was a huge part in his life and heart. He couldn't recall everything but one thing he can recall is that she was a part of him. He still continues to hug her, knowing she will be here.

She felt him twitch frantically. He was going to flare! That was the moment she enjoyed most in every intimate connexion she had, especially with him. The very moment where all guards are dropped, the instant where both body and mind were honest and taking responsibility for what was happening.

Every bit of Cryo’s body was now getting as tensed as possible as he was letting his animal instincts take over. His hips started moving slightly on their own accord, thrusting his achingly hot rod deeper in Maddy’s mouth.

He screamed her name, letting his world being filled with pulsating lust…


Maddy’s moans grew wilder too, she was getting closer and closer to her primal state, using her tongue to increase the feelings he was getting from her intense stimulation.


He gripped the bedsheet, wildly and strongly, as if his very life was depending on it. His hips lifted, making his whole intimacy bared and exposed for everypony to see, that is if there was somepony else than them here…

“Please, don’t hold yourself back! I want to see it!”


He came. Suddenly, all the tension he built exited him violently, creating a tremendous earthquake all across his body. Maddy took his throbbing shaft out, only to witness the orgasm she lead him toward for now a moment. His head tilted right, pressing hard against the mattress, his mouth wide open as he screamed her name. His legs tightly spread by Maddy were shaking like never before as he released the pressure.

The first wave of seed landed on Maddy’s face and mane, creating glistening sparkles all over her black mane and white skin. He kept releasing and releasing, waves of bliss making his body moving like a fish on the ground while his moans became harsher and rougher.

As he left more and more out, his shaft started to tilt toward him, letting some of his love end on his chest and belly, which happened to keep Maddy’s arousal burning. Nothing was getting her more on than seeing a partner a bit ashamed and having some of his own love semen on his body. With a curl of her tongue, she licked the cum she had on her face, tasting a bit salty, but with a hint of… well, something from far beyond this world, but quite enjoyable too.

As his torment calmed, he started breathing more calmly, his chest rising and falling quickly as his eyes were getting lost in the golden reflections in Maddy’s. The small white mare kept staring at him while massaging the still hard rod with a hand, going from the tip of it to the base, accidentally stroking the sack beneath it.

Then she climbed on the bed, walking on all four, waving her hips like a cat while getting closer and closer to Cryo’s still trembling form. He noticed that she was a bit taller than when they met, but he didn’t care for now…

She laid on the soft, warm sheets, and whispered to him.

“Now… Will you… Explore my body too?” she said, letting a hand stroke his jaw and mouth, letting him lick the slender white fingers.

walking rift: *he ttakes a few moments to respond as he thinks, as he does so you do feel his wood throb a couple of times* “if You do not want me to do this, then I will stop. I do not wish to cause trouble with the one you love..” * how would he even state how he felt, he felt as if someone had set him on a pleasant fire one that he wouldn’t mind burning out in, but then there was the other question he barely knew where he was and what he was ment to do what else is there besides that?  he is heavily confused by this question*

He said he didn’t want to cause her trouble, and it made her stop instantly. Suddenly, the rush of lust and primal need came to a halt. What was she thinking? Was that all she was going to be? That was how she intended to get what she wanted? Violence? Assault? Almost raping him? The sudden realization that she was about to force him to do something he wasn’t sure to enjoy or even want drew a gasp of shock from the now shrinking night mare.

From the devious, hungry look she had moments before, she reverted back to the serious, worried and slightly pained girl she was displaying before the visions started. The visions… She saw… She saw… What did she saw exactly? Most of her mind couldn’t process the latest events, as if it was something too horrible to be true…

But a small part of her mind knew. It knew what it was, and it knew what would happen, in the case the horror was released… She tried to get this tiny bit of her brain to open and read it, but everytime, it blocked. It was like hitting a brick wall with bare knuckles… No way it’d be discovered in the near future… Maybe when she’s ready…

Slowly, as she was afraid to hurt him with her bare breath, she went off him, her ripped clothes covering her more and more since her body was becoming closer to a filly’s. When she was totally off him, so he could stand, she, still on her knees, barely had the strength the whisper…

“I’m sorry… I don’t know what’s taken over me…”

She crossed her arms on her flat chest, pressing them tighter. She seemed to be cold, as she was shivering, and curling a bit on herself.

“It seems that Maddy’s not the only one having a darker side, huh?” she said, in a half humorous, half despaired tone.

She didn’t cry, but when Rift looked at her, he felt like she was going to shatter in a million night crystals in a minute. She was going toward her breaking point. The physical and mental wounds she sustained, the pain of discovering that her own sister wanted to end her life as quickly and painfully as possible, her own demons to face, and now something beyond this world and many others she had to help prevent the coming…

This was beginning to be a lot on such frail shoulders…

Dee waited silently, for once too scared to risk a move. She didn’t want to hurt him any more than she already did…

“I mean… You’re fine to me, though I might be attracted to you, but you didn’t deserve to get forced in this. I don’t want to get hurt, and I don’t want you to get hurt… And I don’t want to hurt her either… She has kids, and I want to be part of her life as long as I’ll breathe… Yet… I still assaulted you… Out of sheer lust…”

Luna: What- her wings… No… It cannot be… YOU???

((And here we go! The events leading to the last struggle between the two sisters has started!!! Take a seat, look closely, and enjoy the show!))

Size. Her fangs changed slightly to look like Dee's. Her eyes became a deep blue and her pupils split like Dee's have done. Her horn became that pf a unicorn and her wimgs that of a pegasi. In the end Dee was almost looking in a mirror. In her own

Sweet voice “you want a kink? You got selfcest. If ypu ask again I’ll do Celestia” she purred sexily. She looked exactly the same. Body shape breast size everything. Save for her lover’s prick between her legs.

Dee could hardly believe the sight she was having. Sure, changelings were masters in shapeshifting, but this… this was far beyond simple imitation!

As she heard her own voice playfully teasing her, a gasp died in the fallen mare’s throat. The thin coat covering her chest waving back and forth with every breath Nightmare Moon- Nayomi was taking. Every piece of her fur being stimulated felt like a slight electric shock, rushing from her chest to the tip of her fingers and toes, making them curl and uncurl frantically. It felt like a long, mild yet everlasting orgasm, letting the fanged unicorn keep her consciousness, but preventing her from moving too much or talk too much, save from the uncontrolled shivering making her look like she was being constantly tickled. It felt like heaven, and it had barely started…

Due to the neverending flow of desire hitting her mind, she lost control over her form, reverting back to the small, white, flat-chested unicorn she was using as her usual guise. Despite what she thought, it didn’t disturb Nayomi, and she kept breathing and sending hot air on the now white sensitive skin. Despite the fact that her opulent chest shrank, Dee’s nipples were still erected, hard as rocks, pointing toward Nayomi’s shape, or, to be true, Nightmare’s shape…

Just as Dee managed to wish it would last forever, gathering pieces of thoughts here and there, swimming as hard as she could to keep herself from drowning in the ocean of lust that was taking over her, forefully pushing her in her primal state, wanting nothing more than press her against her pulsating heart, warming one another as they danced in the dim light of the moon…

Everything stopped…

A cold sigh of frustrated need escaped Dee’s lips, the sudden lack of Nayomi’s touch and breath on her skin made her lift her head as she used her elbows to adopt a sitting-like posture on the fully messed-up bed.

"What gives? I don’t need to wait any longer! If you-"

The sentence died in her throat. Whereas Nayomi had backed away from her slim chest, she had been grabbing distance from her feet…

She pounced, grabbing Dee’s left foot, lifting the whole leg in the air and making way for some fresh air to stroke gently Dee’s still aching folds. The renewed coldness made her shiver, but she was shivering much more when thinking of what her mate was about to do.

While Deceptive was normally sensitive over some areas of her body, she had a strange, excessive appreciation toward what was happening to her legs and feet. Most of the ponies she knew before never even thought of trying it, for it wasn’t a common way of playing, to say things so.

Nayomi must have read her mind, for she crawled a bit forward, bringing the curled foot to her snout, giving it a quick peck. Dee moaned, then pressed her hands on her mouth to keep it shut. She felt a bit ashamed, for it made her even more vulnerable, even more than when she was naked and shivering in her bed, when Nayomi wasn’t here.

The changeling queen smiled, her beautiful eyes quickly returning grey, before turning back to the deep blue that was echoing to her lover’s serpentine eyes… She had her at her mercy, why not enjoy it more?

Nayomi’s tongue licked the top of her foot, going from the toes to the ankle, then going back where it started. This worship was gettingto Dee faster than an arrow straight to her heart. Having her most sensitive part being teased mercilessly was getting her closer and closer from losing control. It wouldn’t be long before she escaped her grasp, pinned her on the bed, and take the changeling queen in her fiercest way…

And she kept working the small white feet, letting her tongue wander between Dee’s toes, even rushing to her sole and licking the base of her leg…

The arousal took over, and Dee’s expression changed, from a small innocent mare, being teased and loved by somepony she loved and who lovedher, to a merciless wanting mare, quite close indeed from her Nighmare face…

"Do Celestia. And take me now." She commanded, her tone forbidding any talk-back.

She slowly removed her wet foot from Nayomi’s embrace, spreading her legs in the process. She was wanting to have it all, and Nayomi would me bost happy to comply.


Miss River- Girls should always have Black socks, any length, ties must be worn at all times, in winter long sleeved sweaters and tights are permissible.

((colts to come))


I’m quite not used to this, but these clothes…Feel quite nice…